Flooring Solutions

What Flooring Solutions Are Available?

Sometimes it can be difficult to level a floor without removing the old floor first then relaying a new floor, but it can be possible when using certain flooring solutions like screeding. Two cases are discussed in this write-up to elaborate on this idea.

Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring: You can replace the tile floor of your kitchen laid in concrete men screeding a floorfoundation with wood flooring. Though you may not be able to use hardwood for this purpose but it can be made possible with various flooring solutions including engineered hardwood and laminate flooring with wood texture, on the existing floor. You can also use floating floor either without attaching it to the tiles or gluing it down on the tiles of old floor.

Screeding Or A Levelling Compound

In order to install engineered hardwood flooring your existing floor should be crack free and in good shape. You should use screeding to have a new base or use levelling compound on the low spots of the old floor to level it before gluing wood floor on it. You should sand the upper layer of tiles to allow the glue to hold the wood flooring more effectively.

Types Of Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring: It can be one of the good flooring solutions for your existing vinyl floor, if it is glued firmly on concrete base. You only have to scrub the floor to remove grease and dirt from it before applying thin layer of mortar and tile on it. But if the sub floor under vinyl tiles is of wood then first of all you will have to install a cement backer board of thickness over the joints of the floor with corrosion free screws before laying tiles. Ceramic tiles can also be laid directly on the existing vinyl floor if it is perfectly levelled. But you will have to clean vinyl tiles for better adherence of the mortar. It is better to hire a professional to do the job.